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How to Find and Hire the right freelancer at Workafy?

Do you want to get your work started but not sure how to start? 

Finding the right talent is critical to success. It can be a challenge to find the right freelancer as every freelancer who has applied for your job might seem the right candidate for the project.

So how do you engage and hire the right freelancers you are looking for?

This guide will help you kickstart your work the right way and improve your success rate moving forward.

STEP 1- Sign Up

If you haven’t already, Sign Up to be a Client on Workafy or simply click on Post Your Project and get started.

  post your project

STEP 2- Post Your Project

Do you know what work you need to get done?

If yes, then Post your project mention job, skills, detailed duties & responsibilities, budget and scope of your project clearly. Remember, your post acts as an ad to attract the relevant Freelancers. 

With thousands of skills offered by Freelancers on Workafy, there is a good chance that you find the right expertise to get your work done. To get their attention, provide as much clarity as you can. Explain as much as possible and mention everything clearly.

It can be complicated to figure out what to pay to a freelancer, but you must be open to negotiation if need be and also consider the complexity of your project before budgeting.

fill details

STEP 3- Review Proposals

Once you post a job, proposals will start rolling. As proposals come in, you should have a well laid plan already in place to simplify your hiring process. If you identify and prioritize the requirements before hand there is a better chance that you will hire the best. 

You can start shortlisting the preferred freelancers and check their previous works.

Study their profile, explore the projects they have worked on before. If you are looking for a certain level of expertise and specific skills, choose the freelancers who have worked on projects similar to yours.

Workafy also has a dedicated team of advisors who can help you find quality freelancers faster and at no extra charge.

Once you have found the freelancer you are looking, you can communicate via Workafy. And pay securely in Workafy safe.

That’s it! The Freelancer is ready to start working for you.

It’s quick and easy to post your project on Workafy. Post your Project today.



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