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Miss that Mocha!

Miss that Mocha!

The title might make you wonder what we mean by it. We don’t want to make you wait. So let’s dive into today’s piece that will clear all your doubts.

Today we aim at doing a cost-benefit analysis of that large cup of Starbucks coffee that you drink daily that gives you an instant rush of endorphin-the “feel good” hormone. Every day seems like a Monday morning blue when you are stressed at work, and coffee proves to be an invigorating dose then, doesn’t it? Coming to the cost that you incur almost every day on this, it approximately comes to be about Rs. 200 at the very least. And factoring it in with the total number of working days, you spend about Rs. 4000 every month on an item that gives you happiness for sure, but a non-lasting one.

Now you might be wondering why we took you through this reality check that maybe you weren’t aware of. The answer is- to make you spend your money on a better, long-lasting and most importantly a more productive investment. This investment is nothing but the monthly subscription plan of Workafy. For upcoming freelancers, we offer a Rs.349 Plus Plan and adding more features to it, a Rs.999 Pro Plan. Through these plans, what’s in store for you? You get an exposure on the largest possible platform and get to share your work with the best of the clients who are just in search of the best talent like yours. The ease of working is an added bonus to this reasonable kitty of services provided by us. The safety of contracts and the guaranteed satisfaction from each project are just some other cherries on the top.

You must have heard of the term ‘opportunity cost’, at some point or the other in your life, right? That is exactly what you have to consider in making this decision. To get a pool of long-term benefits, you just need to give up a short-term joy that your Mocha gives you.

On this note, we’d like to conclude by the famous quote, “You can’t build a long term future on short term thinking.”

Curious to know more about our plans? Check them out.


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