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Resolutions You Should Make This New Year

Many people might have planned their New Year’s resolution. In fact, you might also be thinking about what new things you will be adopting in your lifestyle to make 2020 a better year.
But what about your business resolutions?
Here we bring you the powerful easy-to-do resolutions to fuel up your business growth in 2020.

We can’t do everything by ourselves, We’ll Start Delegating
We love our business so much that we want to do everything by ourselves for it, thinking we can do it better with a higher level of commitment. But in the bigger picture, delegating the tasks is what we need to do for optimum performance. One can hire talent on permanent basis or outsource the gigs to freelancers in order to focus on chore tasks and things which he/she is skilled at. Take a resolution today to delegate and grow.

We will never compromise on Talent
Are there any tasks which you dread doing because they can be chaotic or may need skilled assistance? Do you ignore tasks because they look time consuming or expensive? If the answer is yes to these questions, then you need to rethink and explore options. Even with limited resources, one can hire remote freelancers at Workafy.com for the tasks like web/app development, social media marketing, copywriting, graphic designing and so on. We make huge long-term losses by ignoring professional business needs or settling with low quality work.

We’ll Eradicate Micromanaging
Being a business owner, our biggest responsibility is to inspire our colleagues to be better versions of themselves. If managed well, the team will not only be more efficient and productive but also happier with their jobs. Micromanaging takes away their zeal to be innovative, creative and take independent actions with self-commitment. Let’s work towards building a more independent work culture where people feel motivated to come up with creative ideas and take actions with self-dedication.

We’ll keep Valuing our ethics
Ethics play a major role and can impact everything from brand reputation to gaining public perception and even employee productivity to overall profitability. Upholding certain morals is important for success and longevity of your business because poor ethics can hurt our culture and lower our retention rate. Some companies tend to indulge in misleading advertising, false publicity and information, short-term employee hiring and many other unethical business tactics. Let’s remember the values our elders taught and build the brand organically.

We will keep Networking
Many people think that networking is a waste of time. But for long-term goals, connecting with people for exchanging ideas, helping them or just simply making new contacts is the secret sauce to success. Whether joining a group specifically designed for networking or an organization dedicated to a particular business type, in person or over the internet, making efforts to be a part of the group will help us in the longer run.

We’ll Maintain Work-life balance
Ever wished that the day had more hours, so you could spend some time with loved ones? Long working hours and little to no time off is the reality every business owner experiences. It’s very important to take time out and refresh- a healthy work-life balance and a successful business, demands your time out. All work and no play causes mental and physical disaster, people often move to depression. Our family and friends hold the equal right on our time, as our business does.

We’ll Prioritize our health
We understand that we live in a relentless work culture and it’s incredibly stressful being an entrepreneur, ignoring the health to save some time will eventually lead to long term repercussions. Skipping meals, especially breakfast is the biggest mistake one can make. Improper sleeping schedule adds to the blunder. Let’s promise to be as committed to being healthy as we are to building a successful business.

Stop thinking & start acting
So what’s the next step? “I am just in the planning stage and will soon act upon”, is a lovely excuse many make to themselves. Many startups get shut even before starting. Whatever our business goals or resolutions be, let’s make sure that we’d give it a shot right away and perform our best.

If you have read this far, then it’s time to start acting and share the above resolutions with your friends and family. Make your resolutions stick by transforming them into goals.


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