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Start-Up Owner - Team Player or Lone Ranger?

One of the most important things for a start-up owner is their team. They have the plan, but their teams execute the plan. As important as teams are, they can either be the reason that a start-up becomes a household name, or the very reason that the start-up is left with nothing, but a name.
So, what is better? To work alone, authoritatively above your team? Or work in integration with them? Do you put on the Black Bat’s Cape to protect Gotham? Or do you play the role of Black Widow and keep the entire team together?
My advice would be, take a look at your team. The business environment has moved leaps and bounds from the ancient “Don’t talk frankly to your boss/team”. Nowadays, people encourage transparency in workplaces. The bridges between team members and team leaders can be broken, as better transparency is ensured.
So, sit with your team. Try brainstorming. Talk to them about everything that affects your business. Talk to your assistants, freelancers, so that they can understand your vision, and make it their mission.
After all, Batman worked with the Justice League and he did not even have Workafy to assist freelancing his work!


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