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The talent within you wants an escape route.

When we are young, our little mind keeps switching from one decision to another, as it has still not achieved the maturity to make a solid decision as to what one really wants to do, or where your capabilities lie. When we grow up a number of factors affect your decision of making a career plan including, familial pressure or following the hierarchy. Belongs to a family of engineers? Become one, parents are efficient doctors, follow their footsteps. Dancing, is an uncertain career plan, drop it. Accounting falls within the budget, adopt it. Belonging, to a country, where majority of the people belong to the middle class, or upper middle class families, where we still follow the traditional value system where you are dependent on your families for financial support and help. The decisions which are originally supposed to be one’s own become a collaborative decision of the family.

And then begins the actual test of holding in your talents, a talented author sits entrapped on the bank managers desk, an engineer sits solving glitches when he could have been into animations or blog posting,  all a probable photographer gets to print is legal documents for the court, he ended up a lawyer. Success and hard work usually pays off and it is utterly satisfying, but when one gets to do what he loves there is nothing better. We at Workafy unlike the various reasons that are stopping you from using your skills and doing what you like are giving you a platform to explore and to pick exactly what you want to do.  If you have the required skill and you want to be productive during this quarantine. Pick an assignment and get to work, design a blog post, make a website, get yourself into transcription etc. you can choose to use your time productively and make sure that the extra classes you took to hone your skills isn’t a total waste. In fact, use the extra time to do it.


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