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Tips for Designer Freelancers

The world of freelancers is tough and competitive. With the ever-growing market of freelancers and the ease with which they are hired, employers have started preferring freelancers over full-time employees. The reason why they do this has been pretty clear. Why would someone hire a full-time employee after passing them through screening tests only to realize that they need to let him go after the work is completed? For this and much more reason, there has been a graduate shift of the market from the typical 9-5 job to freelancing. However, there are always hurdles and obstacles in every way and freelance designing is no different. Here are a few tips to make it easier:

  • Portfolio
    The word of mouth is important when it comes to freelancing. But if you’re a beginner who has just stepped into the world of freelancing, make sure you have an impressive portfolio. The competition of designers in freelancing is very high, and to make sure you enter that crowd, you need to have a substantial amount of talent on display for people to hire you.
  • Lower Cost
    When you step into a competitive world, you will find hundreds of people that hold the same qualification and passion as you do, and sometimes even the same struggle. As stated before, freelancing has become immensely popular as a career choice which means that you will find a lot of people in the same genre and designing is particularly very competitive. To make a name and land clients initially, one must work at low rates which might seem absurd at first. But once you’ve made a name and found clients that would give you recommendations, you’ll be on the path to earning more.
  • Social Media
    Your presence in the virtual world is as important as your attendance in the office. To make a well-established reputation, it is advised to be active and interactive on social media. Turn your Instagram profile into a creative blog or make a new one. Use hashtags that are related to your profile. Study says that people like seeing behind the scenes of any completed design. You can post these on Instagram, facebook, twitter, etc and make a presentable social portfolio that your clients can refer to.
  • Handling
    When it comes to being your own boss, which is a much sought after benefit of freelancing, it is important to keep a record of your projects, their deadlines, pending payments and received ones. With the workload and the incessant deadlines, it becomes hard to keep track of your financial records. It is essential to find software/apps that would assist in your track keeping.

The only rule to making it big in the freelancing world is to stick to it. It takes time to build a name and gain clients that do not make you feel like all this is in vain. The fight is tough, but it is definitely worth it.


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