With the ever changing dynamics of the business world, the entrepreneurs are on a constant scout for means to surpass their existing modus operandi in order to achieve the acme of the business potential. Efficient quality of the output and flexible working is of prime interest for both the clients and freelancers.

We, at Workafy, have been working to create a swift bridge connecting the excellence seeking companies and the pool of innovative & receptive freelancers with cutting edge ideas worldwide.

Technologies Private Limited

was incorporated on February 22, 2017 while the founders have been working on the product since April 2015, aiming to build one of the finest freelancing platforms for professionals globally, catering to the permanent/temporary work requirements of the businesses in a way more speedy, manageable and cost effective.


We work towards meeting both the ends- the clients posting their requirements, freelancers viewing the opportunities, matching the best fit for the projects and HOLA! live interaction… The entire exercise being promptly attuned by Workafy, the clients pay the freelancers only if they are content with the work received and the freelancers stay assured that they would be paid upon delivering the required project.

With a network of over 100,000+ freelancers in 8 categories and over … recruiters worldwide, Workafy ensures ease, expertise and immediacy in your daily service exchange.