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Are you spending more in order to save a little?

Are you spending more in order to save a little?

Are you also a kind of person who is unconsciously penny wise smart but pound wise foolish? It simply means do you also find yourself engaging in minute tasks that do not need your attention, but still you just can’t let go of them either because of your parsimonious behavior or simply ego issues? 

Then this blog is meant just for you.

You simply need to understand that there exists a tradeoff between everything. When you divert your attention between something that is not your cup of tea, then you are sacrificing your time as well as energy that you can invest somewhere you excel at. This applies in business related work as well as in any other task of your day. Some of the things that can be done to avoid or rather overcome this problem are enumerated below:

  1. Buy good quality clothing, be it somewhat highly priced, so that atleast the frequency of these purchases is less.
  2. Stop spending time on online surveys to earn a few rupees, and instead try to focus on adding value to yourself to get placed in a good organization.
  3. Start investing in insurance policies to avoid spending exorbitant sums in emergencies.
  4. Delegate the office work that is not exactly your forte.


These measures are just a mini guide on how you can shift your tendencies to invest your time on the right things. Remember that time is limited. Spend it wisely.  



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