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Transition au Travail


One of the most talked about topic in the quarantine days is Focus on Work. People are trying to find answers to questions such as “How do you work in the wake of a pandemic?” or “Where do you find the focus to work in an unproductive environment?”

Which brings us to the solution – Transition au Travail – or “Transition into Work”.

It often happens that a certain piece of news leaves you anxious, which may lead to certain unproductive hours, which may result into an unproductive day. To avoid all of this and to ensure that your WFH days are productive, you can always try my technique of transitioning into work.

This technique has helped me gradually focus on my work, as I often find myself to be distracted due to one or another reason.

First of all, keep your phone down. Stop the endless scrolling on social media. An activity tracking app also helps tokeep yourself on track.

Second, sit down on your chair and get down to small tasks, which do not require a lot of time. These could include writing emails or replying to them, going on google to research, or taking notes from a direct source.

After finishing these small tasks, you can take a break and make a cup of coffee, or go for a stroll. I wouldn’t suggest going on your phone because you might get distracted again.

When this short break is over, you will find yourself much relaxed. You can now move to bigger tasks. If this is not helpful, try meditating for a few minutes, or listening to music!

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