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How to receive quality proposals on your Job Post?

On a look out to hire the best and the most suitable freelancer for your next project? But writing a job post that attracts freelancers with the skills and experience seems like a task?

No it is not.

Posting a Job is a very smooth and straight forward process at Workafy- as nobody wants to fill in endless forms and details.

When you visit www.workafy.com, you will see the Post Your Project option on our home page. You can simply get started by clicking on that.

Following the steps below may help you create an effective job post:


  • Start by Crafting a detailed Job Post

One way to find the top-rated freelancer- and make the best fit for your project is by being very specific and using a concise job title. When writing a job title, mentioning the position and using keywords like website developer or graphic designer may increase the chances of getting accurate results. 

Start by describing what you need and what kind of freelancer you are looking for. You can also include examples of work you like, that’s similar to your project and describes clear picture to the freelancer about the work they need to deliver. 

A detailed job post enables the freelancer to discern upon the fact that whether or not they are suitable for the job, or they have the skills needed.

Doing this will result in getting more accurate job proposals from the freelancers.


  • Provide Requirements

Once the freelancers are excited about the work opportunity, they need to find out whether they are qualified to apply. Start out by listing the requirements, these may include skills, work experience or familiarity with a certain program. So that job seekers can quickly scan and assess their eligibility. 

A job description with no clear definition may mislead the candidates who are considering applying for the project, resulting in applications from irrelevant candidates. And in turn it becomes difficult to choose the most suitable freelancer from the n number of proposals.


  • Keep the Title clear and concise, the freelancers shall know exactly what the job entails.

  • Describe the scope of work.

  • Attach any reference work.

  • The skills required to complete the work.


  • Decide on Budget

Specify the budget you intend to spend for hiring a freelancer. Consider the scope of work and the complexity of the project before budgeting. A justified budget will act as a basis to attract potential freelancers who are willing to perform the task.

One of the key benefits of hiring freelancers on Workafy is that you can save more by selecting the preferred candidate with competitive bidding.

How can I make my job stand out?

  • Focus on the details of the project that would be most attractive to the prospective candidate.

  •  Focus on the positive aspects of the project, and how it will add value to the freelancers in future.


Once you effectively describe the job and the required skills, your job posting will clearly communicate the expectations to the job seekers. Ultimately, this will engage the eligible candidates. And in turn, it will boost the response quality and help you find the ideal match you’re looking for.

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