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Look Professional in Your Pajamas

Look Professional in Your Pajamas

Believe It or not, this trend or so called generation shift, nowadays everyone is trying to build a startup brand or is being shifted to freelancing. Every title we see next to us includes “consultant” or “freelancer” or “marketing ninja for hire” and people are preferring more ‘work from home’ nowadays.

While shifting to full-time freelance work isn’t in everyone’s horizon, it might be on yours. If that’s the case, it’s critical that your decision to support yourself be well informed. What’s more, you’ll have a huge leg-up if you know which tools you’ll need to be successful whether you’re freelancing from a co-working space, across the world, or in your pajamas.


To Freelance Or Not to Freelance?

That is the question to ask yourself before getting into the freelance workforce. Other questions to ask yourself are, “Will I miss coming into the office every day?” and “Am I prepared to invest time and money into myself?” Joining the ever-growing freelance community means having the freedom to set your own working hours and the flexibility to work from wherever you’d like.

Opt to dip a toe instead of dunking your head. Start out with a side gig that’ll allow you to test the waters of freelancing part-time. Slowly you’ll learn about the competitors and challenges you may face, all without risking your primary source of income. In fact, you’ll end up supplementing your income with the extra cash you make, and it’s never too early to start building a nest egg to crack open when and if you go full-time.


You are Your Brand 

While it might take you a minute to start raking in the cash with your freelance gig, if you already have the professional skills and equipment you’ll need, you can start engaging with potential clients right away.

But where do you find the clients?

Social media is a good place to start. While authenticity is a key building block to developing a social presence, your content should be professional and largely tailored to your audience.

“Who are you? Why should they choose you to perform a service for them? What sets you apart?” – keep up with your identity and keep in mind: consistency is the key.

Your accounts of social media handles such as Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook will sew a thread of uniformity running through all of your business assets will present a professional image to your clientele.

Don’t be anxious

If you’re still nervous about your future freelance job, you’re in good company. But with so many Indians making the shift to freelancing, there are plenty of contacts with whom to share your concerns about your new health insurance options and ask questions about setting an appropriate hourly rate. There are also plenty of marketing tools, ones you use every day, which will allow you to marry your personality with your professional presence as a freelancer. And don’t forget, Workafy!

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