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The Role of Social Media in Freelancing

The social media is an ever-growing platform that refuses to slow down. In fact, the presence of social media has grown so much that there are 3.17 billion users of it. Keeping the huge number in mind, think about all the opportunity and showcase of talent a freelancer can do on social media. Freelancing also demands a very noticeable presence on social media because how else would a potential client come to know about you. You might be the best they can find, but they can find you only when you have a profile that seems appealing to them. Because social media keeps no boundaries of countries and freelancers can land a job from anywhere, the mix of social media and freelancing is a great one.

Social Media has made it very easy to have conversations, build friendships and search for relevant things. The world is on our fingertips and it would be a shame if we cannot use to our advantage. A freelancer can find jobs, engage with other people from his industry and learn more of his skills, all while being on social media. A millennial might be called lazy, but we sure are smart! Social media also provides us with the opportunity to turn a conversation into conversions. It means that while connecting with people from the relevant industry, one can very subtly market himself in a smart way. Since there is already a connection that is made, the marketing proves to land a project to the freelancer. This might take some time because people don’t tend to trust anyone easily on social media. That is exactly why one needs to have an established presence and interaction on social media.

It is easy to make an account on social media but it becomes very difficult to understand what to do after that. The first thing one should do to get noticed in a professional manner is to have a very professional account. Your display picture and your username should be that would attract potential clients. The posts should be relevant to the industry and while it is good to have a personal touch on your profile, keep it minimal. Posting daily is not as important as posting relevant things. People should be impressed with your profile as you want them to be impressed with your words. Occasionally showcasing your work gives a good idea to your client about your type of work. If you’re on LinkedIn or Facebook, join relevant groups and interact with people. You can also ask for work on these groups and find people who would happily offer it.

The world of social media looks too good to be true. For this reason and many more, freelancers should be careful of the jobs that they pick up from social media. Do thorough backgrounds check of the employer; ask for a legal contract before starting and a recommendation when you’re done with it.



Jul 31, 2019 | 10:26

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