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Why you should consider hiring a Freelancer?

Workforce is progressively shifting form 9-5 working day towards more fluid gig economy. This has paved the way for what we now know as gig economy. Working with freelancers can give you access to talent that can help you grow your business and get access to skills that you don’t have in-house. 

Working with freelancers offers lots of potential growth for businesses. If your business needs experts but lacks resources or if you don’t want to engage in full time workers, the answer lies in hiring a freelancer.

  • Affordability 

What are your plans for 2020 to cut costs? One of the best ways to cut costs is by hiring freelancers over full-time employees. Work from home doesn’t have to meet a lot of overhead costs. By hiring a freelancer you can cut down on overhead costs. Freelancers only charge when they are working on your project so you won’t be billed for coffee breaks and work stations, or unproductive work time.

Sometimes the work that needs to be done is not routine or it could be a one time task. For this reason, freelancers can accomplish the job and get paid when the work is completed. 

  • Flexibility  

Flexibility in working hours can benefit you too. You don’t have to limit your work according to your working hours. Your freelancer could be answering the messages, writing blogs or handling your website after you are done for the day.

You can work on need basis instead of hiring full time you can engage in specialised freelancers and get your work done.

And what’s the point of hiring a full time employee when you only need a website developer?

Or say you need a professional writer for a single project. It wouldn’t make sense to hire a full-time writer, because your writing needs aren’t enough to justify it. Hiring a full time employee would be expensive and a waste of money.

  • Wide range of options and more expertise  

Interviewing potential employees is certain to yield less candidates rather than posting up a job for freelancers. This wider option would not only give you more candidates but also allows you to explore more options in regard to wages you will pay.

At the end of the day more options is better than less options.

Freelancers are highly specialized professionals, with many of them devoting years to specialize in their craft. Freelancers accumulate a lot of experience from working with a variety of different businesses from diverse locations. So if you’re looking for someone with extensive experience in a certain industry, freelancers are the way to go. The project or task will be completed by a pro rather than partially done by a full time employee who was working on multiple projects and daily tasks.

  • Project based work

Not all projects and tasks require a full time employee. Many projects are on-off assignments. These projects require different skill sets so hiring one person full time to complete them just don’t make sense. A full time employee may have specific skills needed to complete one project but may lack the expertise to complete another effectively. 

You may have a project that requires a graphic designer but not enough to hire one full time. The logical solution? Hire a freelancer.

  • Save time while you focus on your core areas

Hiring traditionally vs Hiring online, hiring online saves a lot of time and you can start quickly without having to waste your energy on finding a perfect full time employee that would or would not match up to your level. 

It depends on how much you value your own time.

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