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Why you Should Try Freelancing??

Freelancing is a word that has become increasingly popular. Not just the word, but the whole idea of freelancing as a good career path has gained popularity. Even though freelancing is not for everyone, one should try to tread on this territory to see how it works. Some people prefer the comfort of the “safe” job and find the idea of freelancing altogether very challenging. To break some myth and to encourage people to freelance, here are some good reasons why you should try freelancing:

Job satisfaction

Finding a satisfying job is hard and chances are that you are stuck in a job that does more damage than good to you. Secure jobs do give you the illusion of a comfortable retirement plan and paid leaves, but if you are unhappy, they take away a lot from your life too. To speak financially, your job takes a part of your income too. Your traveling expenses, living standard, and a million other expenses are a part of your job which you can save on while doing freelancing. The best part is, you get paid without having to face the everyday traffic jams.

Additional income

In today’s world, it has become increasingly difficult to make ends meet. Whether it is your wanderlust that calls out to you or your passion for food, or shopping, with a 9-5 job it becomes burdensome to handle necessary expenses and things you love to do. That’s where freelancing comes in. You could take up a few projects, flaunt your creative side, be your own boss while simultaneously having a regular income. This is the like having best of both the world. On months that your freelancing fund falls short, you would not be worried about how to pay rent at least.

Be Creative

Some people have a creative mind that just does not find enough space in the corporate world. Even if you pitch in your creative ideas, getting them approved and implemented is a big deal and takes up a lot of time. Chances are that by the time the idea is implemented, it does not look like the original idea. If you are someone whose creative impulse is throbbing, freelancing is the right place for you. You can showcase your idea and designs on your website or a portfolio and attract many clients that would happily accept your creativity.


Freelancing has become attractive because it provides people with the flexibility and space that a normal job does not. It becomes harder for men and women with children, old parents, single parents, and other responsibilities that demand time and attention. While freelancing, a person can work on their comfortable timings, take leaves as they desire and be there for their people as much as they would want to. It's true that freelancing does require to have a sorted routine and schedule to finish the work before the deadline, however, it is not as rigid as a full-time job.

For all these reasons and many more, the world economy is shifting towards freelancing. The benefits and disadvantages are there, but data shows that the millennial are extremely happy with freelancing.


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