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What and How of Content Marketing?

Ever stopped by an article and could not resist yourself reading further?

Companies send us mails and information all the time and it’s just most of the times we don’t find it valuable or relevant (can you say spam?). That what makes content marketing so intriguing in today’s environment where there are hundreds of marketing messages sent every day.

Let’s read about how content marketing works.

Content marketing is a strategy focused on creating valuable, relevant and engaging content to attract customers and convert them into potential buyers/consumers.

Nowadays, entrepreneurs and big enterprises seem to be adapting content marketing rather than traditional marketing.

And why they wouldn’t be?

In our opinion content marketing results in larger audience and more reach. Content marketing involves a content, written for the purpose of creating more engagement and helps in making a loyal customer base.

Content marketing involves multidimensional and conversational content which perpetually makes the audience notice the brand name and associate with it. Typically, the goal is promotion of content to drive organic website traffic and increased lead generation.

The more content and value you add, the more brand loyalty you create, the easier it is to increase sales.

Content can be defined as something to be expressed through mediums like written blog articles, videos, podcasts, email or social media sites that answer specific questions people have and provide them with something they can’t get elsewhere.

Blogging is the key element of marketing vis-a-vis videos create engagement and great ones have the tendency to go viral and generate traffic.

SEO (Search engine optimisation) and keyword research also plays an important role in content marketing. Search engine optimization is a process of increasing website traffic organically by using the most searched keywords.

If you think that content is solely written to attract customers you are gravely mistaken. But rather than just attracting customers and increasing sales, it’s more about developing trust. When you produce great content frequently you become a trusted source of information. You become a resource consumers turn to when they want relevant information. 

Content marketing includes resources for existing customers in the form of tutorials, FAQ’s and testimonials.

Copy writing is an act of writing text for the purpose of advertising and increasing sales. And many have the perception that copy writing has only one purpose, one strategic plan i.e to increase sales. But in our opinion copy writing lays a foundation for your content and ties it all together. Writing better copy enables to convert more readers into consumers.


With the increasing influence of social media, content marketing has acquired a larger space in the marketing world. Whether it be a startup or an old brand producing/launching new product, looks forward to content marketing, regardless of what strategy you use content marketing helps in all of them.




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