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Success- Not that Far-fetched!

You must have heard of the term “Unicorn Companies”, right? If not let us enlighten you. It refers to the startups that are valued at over $1 Billion. 

Understandably so, this term tempts innu...

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Start-Up Owner - Team Player or Lone Ranger?

One of the most important things for a start-up owner is their team. They have the plan, but their teams execute the plan. As important as teams are, they can either be the reason that a start-up becomes a household nam...

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work from homw

Struggling to Get Things done?

Aren’t you tired of seeing the word “Corona” everywhere? Don’t you think that everyone is constantly describing the problems but not the solutions to it?

Amidst all this turmoil, even i...

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work from home

Having some extra time? Start Growing your Career

“Netflix and chill”, pretty cool stuff when you’re free but do you know what’s cooler? Well, how does “upscaling skills” and “growing your talent” sounds to you? There com...

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dream job

Want your dreams to move without covering miles?

In a country like ours with currently four operating metropolitan cities becoming the hub of business, education, marketing exchanges etc. The youth is flooding into these cities in search of budding opportunities. The ...

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