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Think, Act, Learn, Build and Repeat

This topic brings me to analyse entrepreneurial behaviour. As someone who studies and lives entrepreneurship, this topic had me thinking for a long time. But as the research went, I could point out some similarities bet...

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talented freelancer

The talent within you wants an escape route.

When we are young, our little mind keeps switching from one decision to another, as it has still not achieved the maturity to make a solid decision as to what one really wants to do, or where your capabilities lie. When...

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Start-Up Owner - Team Player or Lone Ranger?

One of the most important things for a start-up owner is their team. They have the plan, but their teams execute the plan. As important as teams are, they can either be the reason that a start-up becomes a household nam...

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dream job

Want your dreams to move without covering miles?

In a country like ours with currently four operating metropolitan cities becoming the hub of business, education, marketing exchanges etc. The youth is flooding into these cities in search of budding opportunities. The ...

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