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Frugality: The Breathing Emotion for Start-Ups

Start-Ups are the drivers of the new economy. They are innovating everything, from needs, to wants. After all, the market for a product is directly related to the creation of need, and seldom to the existence of wants. ...

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Transition au Travail

One of the most talked about topic in the quarantine days is Focus on Work. People are trying to find answers to questions such as “How do you work in the wake of a pandemic?” or “Where do you find the...

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work from home

Having some extra time? Start Growing your Career

“Netflix and chill”, pretty cool stuff when you’re free but do you know what’s cooler? Well, how does “upscaling skills” and “growing your talent” sounds to you? There com...

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Personal branding

Personal branding for Freelancers

Freelancers you don’t need any marketing skills to build your own personal brand as a freelancer.

Personal branding holds limitless opportunities for motivated individuals. And personal branding is espec...

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Marketing for small budget.

Marketing Tactics for Small Budget

The reality is you have to spend money to make money, that’s certainly true of marketing. But what should you invest in growing your business?

High-budget marketing strategies might bring more visibility...

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