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Resolutions You Should Make This New Year

Many people might have planned their New Year’s resolution. In fact, you might also be thinking about what new things you will be adopting in your lifestyle to make 2020 a better year.
But what about your b...

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The Role of Social Media in Freelancing

The social media is an ever-growing platform that refuses to slow down. In fact, the presence of social media has grown so much that there are 3.17 billion users of it. Keeping the huge number in mind, think about all t...

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Types of Freelancers

Freelancers have been growing at an enormous rate and they refuse to back down. Their popularity is increasing and the present generation prefers freelancing rather than maintaining a 9-5 job where they are bossed aroun...

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Freelancing in India

The Shift of the Economy from Full-time Employees to Freelancers

Several studies suggest that the workforce of the world is shifting towards the gig economy. By 2020, it says that around 50% of Americans would be employed as freelancers instead of working the usual job. This shift in...

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How to Raise your Freelancing Rates?

When you initially start as a freelancer, chances are that you kept your rates as low as you possibly could to attract clients. That is the way most freelancers start their career. As you go along the way and gather mor...

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